Read about what my students have had to say about my classes:

Every class is so nourishing for my soul. I am addicted to your classes.


I love Mary Abraham’s class, I have been practicing yoga for about 15 year and I find Mary’s class amazing no matter what type of week I have had I always feel 100% better, all the aches and pain are reduced and the mind rejuvenated.

Mary is very conscious and considerate when it comes to injuries people maybe carrying and give alternatives movements, so you get to work with your body and get the most out of the practice.

I would recommend Mary teaching to anyone wishing to stretch their body and manage the stresses of our busy lifestyles.



I am very glad to express my appreciation for the caring and thorough yoga tuition I have been receiving from you over the last 18 months.  I have been reluctant in the past to take yoga classes because I feared they may be too strenuous for me, due to my past back injury but when I tried your class I found it was just what I wanted and needed.  As I do a fair amount of sedentary work I found your guided exercises have helped me to improve mobility and balance.  I have also noted that the regular weekly practice with you has improved my stamina especially for my bush walking expeditions which sometimes are demanding.

I look forward each week to our session and trust they will continue regularly.



I have been exercising in some form all my life. I have done gym classes and one on one, yoga, swimming, rowing, tennis, squash etc.

 I have hyper extended elbows (as you have drawn my attention to) and in all my years of exercise I have used my arms under great pressure.

 Now in my late 50’s I have had soreness and pain in my elbows which has interfered with my activities.

 In all the time I have been exercising it has never been picked up before about the way I use my elbows until your yoga classes where you have taught me to take the pressure off and position my arms differently. Over the period I have been doing this correctly my elbows have settled down and are no longer a problem.

 My arms are now not sore and I am able to exercise without them being painful.

 I just wanted to thank you for picking this up and showing me the correct way of exercising for my hyper extended elbows. I enjoy the exercising much better now I am not in pain.

 Thank you.


 I have been attending Mary’s yoga classes for the past 15 months and my body has become more flexible, I feel stronger and my balance has improved.  More significantly my doctor has reduced the high blood pressure medication I take by half.  Visits to the osteopath have reduced by 80% or more.

Thank you.


Love your classes


Thank you for giving us our yoga lessons every week, we are so lucky to have you.

* image of AUM/OM courtesy of flikr.com – mamjodh photostream