Twists – to remove sluggishness and to energize the body


Do you feel irritable, sluggish, even depressed or anxious in the morning?

This could be due to the change of seasons, from winter to spring.  Yoga poses, especially twists are very beneficial as they move the energy around the body, they help to trim down, create space in the spine and also useful in the management of scoliosis. Continue reading “Twists – to remove sluggishness and to energize the body”

Yoga to boost your immune system

In Autumn (at the change of seasons) we are all prone to catching colds.  Sniffles, mild throat sore and coughs are typical for this time of the year.

What can we do to improve our chances to stay healthy/healthier? 

The answer is to include poses in our practice which are restorative and have a number of health benefits such as: open the chest,which helps with breathing, calming the mind, boosting the immune system by allowing the body to rest in a constructive way.

Staying grounded, mentally well is just as important as physical well-being.  Continue reading “Yoga to boost your immune system”

Yoga poses to help with jet lag

Australia (or ‘down under’) is sooo far away from everything we need to travel long haul, crossing several time zones in the process.

While my parents were alive I made regular trips to Hungary (about 25 trips!).  Many years ago the floor at the airport lounges were carpeted, nowadays cold tiles.  If you ever saw a woman laying on the floor with legs up the wall or calves resting on the seat of the chairs … it might have been me.

During my numerous trips to Europe i came up with the following guidelines for long haul air travel: Continue reading “Yoga poses to help with jet lag”

Yoga poses to assist digestion

Sometimes our eyes want to eat more than our stomach can handle.

The Ayurvedic guideline is to have 1/3 of your stomach filled with food, 1/3 with liquid and the remaining 1/3 is “space” to allow digestion.  I regularly misjudge the 1/3 food 🙂

Sitting on the floor while you eat helps to limit the food intake.

Generally it is NOT recommended to practice yoga with full stomach however there is one pose which is “do-able” if you overindulged. Continue reading “Yoga poses to assist digestion”