Tranquability And Yoga

Welcome to Tranquability – Yoga for over 50’s

Why Tranquability?

Tranquability is a meld of tranquility and ability, two of the essentials we need to carry with us as we progress along this journey of life. Yoga has given me both and I am now passing on these benefits through my yoga classes.

The health benefits flowing from regular yoga practice are immense, especially for over 50’s.

We need to keep our spine flexible and strong to delay the onset of a rounded/shortened back. Standing poses will increase strength, stamina and will help to keep and  increase our balance. Inversions (where the head is lower than the heart) are anti ageing and the fresh blood to the head will incease brain function. Twists will help to detoxify the body and increase our immune system.  The variety of poses will allow for the prana (life force) to flow better in our body, regular practice will help us to combat stiffness which increases during and after menopause.

Some of my students have been able to reduce their medication for high blood pressure as a result of a balanced yoga practice.

I teach SMALL yoga classes in the Easter Suburbs of Sydney, Australia 

The classes are suitable for over 50’s, beginners who want to learn the foundations and people who might need a bit slower pace and/or therapy.

My aim is to provide a supportive and safe environment. With small class sizes you will get to know your fellow students, you will receive individual attention, gentle adjustments and if required I will modify the poses to suit your ability on the day.  Remember yoga is not a competitive sport!

If you are new to my class I will ask you a few questions about your medical history so I can teach you better.

Men and woman, not so supple, beginners and experienced students are welcome –  mats and all necessary equipment supplied.

To find out more about my classes, click here. You can read testimonials from past and current students by clicking here.

To learn more about my personal yoga journey, click here.

Let me use my 30 years of yoga practice to help you to enhance  your overall health beyond middle age!

I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes soon.