Welcome to Tranquability – Yoga for over 50s, seniors and the not so supple

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Updated on  30 March 2020.

Due to Coronavirus face to face teaching is no longer allowed in Australia. The classes are now streamed. 

The business name of Tranquability is a meld of tranquility and ability, two of the essentials we need to carry with us as we progress along this journey of life.

I teach Hatha yoga in small classes in Randwick NSW (Sydney, Australia). I know each and every student and modify the poses as required to accommodate pre-existing health conditions. Most of my students have been practicing with me for years and we have a great sense of community. The studio is well equipped.

I aim to stimulate and encourage my students in a safe environment. The classes are different each week and after warm up they include poses to increase strength, balance, flexibility with a lot of emphasis on details, self-awareness, good breathing and posture. I also include preparation for inversions (poses where the head is lower than the heart). Yoga is not a competitive sport, every time we come to the mat we bring a different body!

The health benefits flowing from regular yoga practice are immense, especially for over 50’s and seniors, during menopause or after, it slows down the ageing process.

The classes are suitable for:

  • Over 50’s, seniors and the not so supple;Pink yoga class Randwick, Sydney. smiling senior yoga participants
  • People who like to practice in small classes with like-minded students in pleasant and fun atmosphere;
  • Beginners who want to learn the foundations of yoga;
  • Experienced yogis who are returning to yoga after a long break;
  • People who might need a bit slower pace and/or therapy;
  • Men and woman are welcome.

To find out more about my classes in Randwick, Sydney click here. You can read testimonials from past and current students by clicking here.

To learn more about my personal yoga journey, click here.

Let me use my 30 years of yoga practice to help you to enhance your overall health beyond middle age!

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me:

tranquability@gmail.com – or – 0408 29 6670