About Mary


My yoga journey started in 1989 at the recommendation of my physiotherapist (Robin Bolin) who treated my lower back pain.  Robin was also a qualified yoga teacher in the Iyengar style and she encouraged me to learn to look after my lower back.

I have been practicing continuously all these years.

The health benefits of regular yoga practice were obvious to me very early on. As long as I kept up my practice I was pain-free and was able to lead a normal life without operation.

I completed my Hatha yoga teacher training in 2010 and have been teaching over 50’s, seniors and the not so supple since then.

My teaching style is:                      

  • Detailed, focusing on alignment, awareness to move with the breath.
  • Using props to make the poses accessible to all, (blanket to sit on or a chair and wall space for better balance if needed).
  • Alternative poses are offered to suit the individual, which might mean doing yoga on a chair.
  • Compared to younger cohort, the warmup takes a bit longer and includes all joints.
  • There is a strong focus on standing poses to improve balance and to strengthen the legs.
  • A typical class includes a variety of poses, standing, sitting poses or laying on the mat.  One pose builds on the previous one but sequence it is not ‘flowy” like Vinyasana type of yoga where ‘salute to the sun or to the moon’ practiced regularly.  There is variety within a class and from class to class. The class finishes with relaxation and sometimes a short meditation is also included.
  • I aim to creates a safe environment where everybody works within their limitations on the day.

My years spent as student in therapy classes made me a better teacher.  I am able to modify poses to suit the individual, to work with their pre-existing conditions.

Continuing Education:

As a member of Yoga Australia (#1766) I am required to undertake professional development which I thoroughly enjoy and find it stimulating.

Since graduating in 2010 I completed following courses:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda – Nature Care College – 2011;
  • Relax and Renew”® Trainer – Judith Hansen Lasater – Aug 2012;
  • Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Stress – Enlightened Events – June 2017;
  • Yoga Therapy for the Physical Body – Enlightened Events – July 2017;
  • Meditation facilitator – Adore Yoga – January 2019;
  • Teaching yoga for Seniors (over 65’s) – Enlightened Events – June 2019;
  • Chair yoga teaching, specific demography of aged care  –  January 2021;

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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