About Mary


My yoga journey started in 1989 at the recommendation of my physiotherapist (Robin Bolin) who treated my lower back pain.  Robin was also a qualified yoga teacher in the Iyengar style and she encouraged me to learn to look after my lower back.

I have been practicing continuously all these years.

The health benefits of regular yoga practice were obvious to me very early on. As long as I kept up my practice I was pain-free and was able to lead a normal life without operation.

I completed my Hatha yoga teacher training in 2010 and have been teaching over 50’s, seniors and the not so supple since then.

My teaching style is:                      

  • Detailed, focusing on alignment, awareness to move with the breath.
  • Using yoga props to make the poses more accessible .
  • Alternative poses are offered to suit the individual, which might mean doing yoga on a chair.
  • Compared to younger cohort, the warmup takes a bit longer.
  • There is a strong focus on standing poses to improve balance and to strengthen the legs.
  • There is variety within a class and from class to class.
  • I aim to creates a safe environment where everybody works within their limitations on the day.
  • The class finishes with relaxation and sometimes a short meditation is also included.

My years spent as student in therapy classes made me a better teacher.  I am able to modify poses to suit the individual, to work with their pre-existing conditions.

Continuing Education:

As a member of Yoga Australia (#1766) I am required to undertake professional development which I thoroughly enjoy and find it stimulating.

Since graduating in 2010 I completed following courses:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda – Nature Care College – 2011;
  • Relax and Renew”® Trainer – Judith Hansen Lasater – Aug 2012;
  • Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Stress – Enlightened Events – June 2017;
  • Yoga Therapy for the Physical Body – Enlightened Events – July 2017;
  • Meditation facilitator – Adore Yoga – January 2019;
  • Teaching yoga for Seniors (over 65’s) – Enlightened Events – June 2019;
  • Chair yoga teaching, specific demography of aged care  –  January 2021;

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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