I have been exercising in some form all my life. I have done gym classes and one on one, yoga, swimming, rowing, tennis, squash etc.

I have hyper extended elbows (as you have drawn my attention to) and in all my years of exercise I have used my arms under great pressure.

Now in my late 50’s I have had soreness and pain in my elbows which has interfered with my activities.

In all the time I have been exercising it has never been picked up before about the way I use my elbows until your yoga classes where you have taught me to take the pressure off and position my arms differently. Over the period I have been doing this correctly my elbows have settled down and are no longer a problem.

My arms are now not sore and I am able to exercise without them being painful.

I just wanted to thank you for picking this up and showing me the correct way of exercising for my hyper extended elbows. I enjoy the exercising much better now I am not in pain.


Published by yogateachermary

Yoga teacher - specializing in teaching over 50's, seniors and the not so supple. Qualified 'Relax and Renew' teacher, mediation facilitator and experienced in teaching chair yoga in class or in retirement villages.