Improve your balance – try these standing poses

  Do you recall the moment when you almost tripped on slightly uneven or even surface and you quickly recovered without falling?   It was your good balance and co-ordination which saved you from an injury.  This blog is about a couple of standing poses, standing on one leg.  Regular practice of these will improve yourContinue reading “Improve your balance – try these standing poses”

Twists – to remove sluggishness and to energize the body

  Do you feel irritable, sluggish, even depressed or anxious in the morning? This could be due to the change of seasons, from winter to spring.  Yoga poses, especially twists are very beneficial as they move the energy around the body, they help to trim down, create space in the spine and also useful inContinue reading “Twists – to remove sluggishness and to energize the body”