Pink Yoga – donation for breast cancer research

  Breast cancer was the second highest cancer in NSW during the last five year period (prostate cancer is the first but it diagnosed later and patients die with it rather than because of it). Pink yoga is the yoga community’s initiative for fund raising for research into breast and ovarian cancer together with providing supportContinue reading “Pink Yoga – donation for breast cancer research”

Benefits of yoga for older people

In August 2015 I attended The Australian Yoga Therapy Conference which was organised by Enlightened Events. Various speakers covered a number of areas where yoga practice can be helpful, such as managing heart problems, increasing the immune system and mental illness in children. The topic which was closest to my heart and body was aboutContinue reading “Benefits of yoga for older people”

How is “yoga over 50” different?

A few years ago a marketing guru suggested to us (yoga teachers) that we should identify our “ideal student” and instead of trying to please everybody we need to concentrate on servicing these “ideal” people. For me it has been the “over 50’s”, the baby-boomers.  Party because I belong to this group and partly because my lowerContinue reading “How is “yoga over 50” different?”