How to find the right yoga teacher and class?

Yoga Australia’s former vice president was on the opinion that the most important thing is finding the right teacher – someone you relate to, someone who’s professionally trained, who keeps up with professional development and has professional risk insurance.

In addition to finding the right teacher one also needs to consider the following:

  • Location of the class, close to home or work, ease of getting there,
  • Day and time of the class, it needs to fit in with your lifestyle,
  • The other yogis in the class.

In my case I didn’t need to do a research. My lower back problem led to a physiotherapist who, as a bonus, was also a yoga teacher. After a couple of private classes she encouraged me to join her yoga class. This was in 1986 (yes, a long time ago!) Through yoga I learnt to keep my back in working order.

Yoga teachers specialize in areas which are close to their heart i.e. cancer survivors, diagnosed with diabetes, pre-natal and post natal yoga, fat yoga, yoga for mental health management. For me it is seniors, using props and a bit slower pace than younger cohort.

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Yoga helps us to become a better version of ourselves!

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Yoga teacher - specializing in teaching over 50's, seniors and the not so supple. Qualified 'Relax and Renew' teacher, mediation facilitator and experienced in teaching chair yoga in class or in retirement villages.

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