The secret sound of AUM

Chanting the sound of AUM in yoga classes is popular. Have you ever wondered what does it mean?

AUM is considered to the symbol of divinity. It is a sacred mantra and is to be repeated constantly. It is called pranava, which stands for praise of the divine and fulfilment of divinity.

What are the benefits of chanting the AUM?

Practicing AUM clears the blockages in the vocal cords and throat chakra (wheel of energy) and then begins to clear the whole physical body, the other chakras and the auric field.

Three syllables are A & U & M plus the crescent and the dot.

The three sounds are universal. One of the interpretation of this trinity is: past, present and future. On your travels you might have visited temples where there are three main buddha sculptures, which are identical with the exception the hand gestures or mudras. The mudras represent the past, present and future.

For more examples of the trinity please scroll down to the table.

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