About Yoga Teacher Mary

How I started to practice yoga?

My yoga journey started almost 30 years ago when, at the recommendation of my physiotherapist (Robin Bolin) who treated my lower back.  Robin was also a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher and she encouraged by to learn to look after my lower back. My back problem was caused by kayak racing in my teenager years in sunny Hungary, studying for many years and generally spending too much time sitting.

The health benefits of regular yoga practice were obvious very soon. As long as I kept up my practice I was pain-free and was able to lead a normal life without operation and indulge in my passions of bushwalking and dancing.

I have been practicing in Iyengar style ever since, sometimes attended other Hatha yoga classes for diversification.

What does yoga mean to me now?

Yoga has helped me to cope better with stressful situations, loosing loved ones, changing jobs.  I feel better physically (softer and looser) and mentally after a practice session.

Thoughts on becoming a yoga teacher

In 2009 I started to play with the idea to become a yoga teacher.  I felt that if I just put one person on the path to better health I have contributed something to the community.   I completed my teacher training in January 2010 and discovered a lot more than I expected.  There was the smorgasbord of different styles of yoga, the friendships which formed and the exposure to the philosophy of yoga. The ink barely dried on my certificate when I started to teach.

How do I teach?

I teach small classes in boutique environments in gentle Hatha yoga style.  My style is influenced by the Iyengar method where focus is on precision and alignment, using props to help the student to get the benefit of the pose.

My years spent as a student in therapy classes made me a better teacher.  I am able to modify poses to suit the individual.  I give attention to each and every student, beginners, not so supple and not so young are welcome!

A typical class starts with warm up poses which lead to a variety of asanas which increase flexibility, strength, stamina and balance.  We practice a variety of standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twist and inversions – suitable for the level of the students in the class and the weather.  I combine repetition with new poses to stimulate and challenge.

It is important to be gentle with ourselves and accept where we are on a given day!  We need to distinguish between sharp pain (in which case come out of the pose under control) or just muscles stretching in a way they have not done for a long time (in this case exhale into that area).

My aim is to teach in a safe environment where tranquility meets ability.  I truly believe that regular yoga practice will give us the optimum health.

Continuing Education:

As a member of Yoga Australia (#1766) I am required to undertake professional development which I thoroughly enjoy and find it stimulating.

Since graduation completed the following qualifications:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda – Nature Care College – 2011
  • Relax and Renew”® Trainer – Judith Hansen Lasater – Aug 2012
  • Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Stress – Enlightened Events – June 2017
  • Yoga Therapy for the Physical Body – Enlightened Events – July 2017
  • Meditation facilitator – Adore Yoga – January 2019

 Thank you for reading my profile and looking forward to meeting you in one of my classes.