Why do New Year’s resolution fail



2017 just began and I have already received numerous emails from the yoga community and training organisations how to make resolutions.

I would like to share my New Year’s Eve with you on this topic.

This year was the second time that I attended the New Year Eve (NYE) program at Mangrove Yoga which is a working ashram north/west from Sydney within two hours drive. Their teaching follows the Satyananda tradition. Mangrove yoga

I was looking forward to the chanting, the fire ceremony, yoga classes, yoga nidra and good vegetarian food – and all my wishes were fulfilled.

On NYE we were sitting on our mats on the freshly cut grass – under the Australian sky – as per the photo above.

Before the chanting began two of the most senior swamis talked to us and one of them raised the question:


Then she went on saying: Generally our resolutions are based on something negative, which has to be changed, i.e. I am not happy with my partner, children work, and boss or not happy with myself. What if we looked for the good in each person and in each situation? Swami admitted that developing this positive thinking takes time, maybe a life time.

I am not able to recall her beautiful words but the message was it is up to shift our attitude and look for the good. You know the saying the glass is half full as opposed to being half empty?

The Sanskrit words for the chanting were projected to a white board so we could all participate. Close to midnight we moved to the fire-place which was beautifully decorated. Here we expressed our gratitude. The mantra was repeated 108 times and we sent our best thoughts to our loved ones.

Have a good year and set achievable goals, one step at a time!

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